Netanyahu: Iran Sanctions ‘Important Moment for Israel’; Palestinian Teen Describes Her ‘Parties, Singing, Dancing’ in Israeli Prison – United with Israel

United with Israel 3 Steps to Preventing Iran’s Nuclear Nightmare; Turkey Buying Power in Jerusalem; Pressure on Iran Hits Hezbollah; Eilat’s Reef Grows, Bucks Global Trend; Can Jews Live in Jerusalem? 
Netanyahu: Sanctions on Iran are an ‘Important Moment for Israel’
WATCH: Teen Describes Her ‘Suffering’ in Israeli Prison – ‘Parties, Singing and Dancing!’
BDS Activists: Make Sure to Never These Medical Inventions!
Economic Pressure on Iran Hits Hezbollah Hard 
WATCH: 3 Steps to Preventing Iran’s Nuclear Nightmare 
Eilat’s Coral Reef Growing, Reversing Global Trend 
WATCH: Turkey Attempts to Buy Influence in Jerusalem 
Muslim Stanford Student Who Threatened ‘Zionists’ Leaves University 
WATCH: Is it Legal for Jews to Live in Jerusalem? 
Israel’s Biomedical Tech Industry Gets Major Boost from Life Science Giants 

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