Palestinian Slammed After Interview on Israeli TV; Hamas ‘Summer Camps’ Poison Young Minds; US Senate Supports Israeli Security – United with Israel

United with Israel Israelis Aid Guatemala Volcano Victims; Israeli Develops Parkinson’s Test; Druze Zionist Sends Message to Israel; US Democrat Poses With Pro-BDS Sign; Soccer Unites Arabs and Israelis 
Senate Adopts Legislation that Supports Assistance for Israel’s Security
WATCH: Hamas ‘Summer Camps’ Poison Young Palestinians’ Minds
Palestinian Accused of ‘Normalization’ After Interview on Israeli TV
Israel Gets Top-Notch Credit Rating
Israelis Spearhead Efforts to Build ‘Jerusalem Neighborhood’ in Guatemala for Volcano Victims 
WATCH: Israeli Scientist Develops First-Ever Parkinson’s Disease Test
A Message to the Jewish Nation from a Druze Zionist Friend 
Popular US Democratic Senator Poses with Pro-BDS Sign 
WATCH: Jerusalem Soccer Event Unites Israeli and Arab Youth! 
Protecting Our Children from Poland 
What Could a US-Iran Meeting Mean for Israel? 
WATCH: Have No Fear! Israeli Team Unlocks Secret Causes of Anxiety 

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Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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