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Hashem named you “Verdant olive tree, Fair, with choice fruit.” But with a great roaring sound He has set it on fire, And its boughs are broken
Jeremiah 11:16 (The Israel Bible™)

זַיִת רַעֲנָן יְפֵה פְרִי־תֹאַר קָרָא יְהֹוָה שְׁמֵךְ לְקוֹל הֲמוּלָּה גְדֹלָה הִצִּית אֵשׁ עָלֶיהָ וְרָעוּ דָּלִיּוֹתָיו
Hear the verse in Hebrew

ZA-yit ra-a-NAN y’-FAY f’-ree TO-ar ka-RA a-do-NAI sh’-MAYKH l’-KOL ha-mu-LAH
g’-do-LAH hi-TZEET AYSH a-LE-ha v’-ra-U da-li-yo-TAV

What Can We Learn From Olives?

The first time the olive tree is mentioned in the Bible is when Noach (Noah) checks to see is the flood waters have receded. When the dove returns with an olive branch in its mouth, Noach knows that new life has begun. Pure olive oil was also used for the lighting of the golden menorah in the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple), as well as to anoint priests and kings. One lesson we can take from the olive is just like an olive yields oil only when pressed, so too, as human beings, when we are pressed between the millstones of life, our best selves emerge. Often, we rise to the occasion to meet life’s tests only when challenged.
Be your best self

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