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Did Isaac Newton Study Solomon’s Temple to Learn About Physics?

“He made the sea of cast metal 10 amot across from brim to brim, perfectly round; it was 5 amot high, and its circumference was 30 amot.” (II Chronicles 4:2)

Israel Passes Nation-State Bill, Enshrining a National Home for the Jewish People

The passage of the Nation-State Bill strengthens Israel’s identity as the Jewish State


Following nearly 200 rockets, the IDF is actively striving to stop the terrorism

Six Goose-Beaked Whales Spotted on Israel’s Northern Shoreline

Six Goose-Beaked whales were spotted this week about 90 miles west of the
Haifa shore

Knesset Decriminalizes Private Use of Cannabis

The Knesset gave its final approval to a bill making possessing and using cannabis no longer a criminal offense

Saudi Journalist: ‘We Must Advance Peace
With Israel”

A major Saudi journalist called on the Arab countries to take bold steps in order to advance peace with Israel


Hashem (God) created the world for both man and animal to prosper. Had Hashem desired that only the animals roam the world, there would have been no need for of mishpatecha (משפטיך), ‘your justice’…

ICYMI: Christian Declaration of Tisha B’Av Atrocities Against Jews Presented at Knesset

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