‘You Inspired a Lot of People, Including Me!’ Franklin Graham Applauds Student Who Walked 20+ Miles for His First Day on the Job – CBN News Steve Warren

Jenny Lamey and Walter Carr. Photo Credit: Jenny Lamey/Facebook
Jenny Lamey and Walter Carr. Photo Credit: Jenny Lamey/Facebook
‘You Inspired a Lot of People, Including Me!’ Franklin Graham Applauds Student 
Who Walked 20+ Miles for His First Day on the Job
CBN News Steve Warren

Evangelist Franklin Graham congratulated Walter Carr, the Alabama college student who walked 

overnight to get to his new job on Wednesday via social media.

In a Facebook post, Graham wrote: “This Alabama college student was NOT going to be late for his 

first day of work with a moving company—not if he could help it!

“When his car broke down and a ride fell through, Walter Carr’s phone said it would take him 7+ hours 

to walk the 20 miles to get there. Out of options—but with plenty of determination—Walter headed 
out on foot, and he walked all night to get there by morning!” Graham recounted.

“When the CEO of the company found out, he was so impressed and touched that he gave Walter his 

own personal car as a gift! He knew that this was the kind of person he wanted working for his 
company,” the evangelist wrote.

“Walter turned his moment in the spotlight into a great testimony. He told the media, “I want to thank 

God because without Him I wouldn’t be here. God blessed me to be a blessing. Whatever challenges 
God puts in front of me, I know it’s for a reason,” Graham noted.

“Congratulations Walter—you’ve inspired a lot of people, including me! Your commitment and goals 

are admirable. I’m sure you’ll do well in your new job, in school, and as you pursue serving in the 
military. God will continue to use you and direct your steps if you look to Him—that’s a promise in 
Proverbs 3:5-6!” he continued.

As CBN News reported, Carr’s dedication astounded not only Jenny Lamey and her husband, 

the couple he was helping to move, but also the Pelham Police Department.

Jenny Lamey even made sure her Facebook post about Carr was reposted after it was somehow 

deleted. She wanted to make sure his story was told.

“I just can’t tell you how touched I was by Walter and his journey,” she wrote. “He is humble and 

kind and cheerful and he had big dreams!”

“Proud to have encountered this young man,” the police department said in a Twitter post. 

“He certainly made an impact on us!”

And Carr won’t have to worry about repairs or gasoline for the car that his boss gave him. Lamey 

set up a GoFundMe page earlier this week to raise money to fix Carr’s vehicle.
As of Wednesday evening, the GoFundme account totaled $65,419, donated by more than 1,600 
people in less than two days.

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