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Jonathan Wiggins
Jonathan Wiggins (Rez.Church/Facebook)

Charismatic Pastor Decimates the Myth That Churches Are Dying

Despite prevailing perceptions that the church is on the decline in the United States and that the nation is becoming increasingly secularized, a university study turned up findings that indicate the opposite is true; the American church is actually experiencing marked growth.

Citing an article at, this pastor shared with his congregation the findings of a Harvard University study that indicates the church in America is waxing stronger, not waning as some cultural, media, and spiritual leaders posit.

“There’s something called the secularization thesis and, that is, that the United States is following the most advanced industrial nations in the death of its once-vibrant faith culture,” said Jonathan Wiggins, lead pastor at Rez.Church in Loveland, Colorado.

A charismatic and evangelical, Wiggins believes the veracity of the report and gives valid reasons why the spiritual health of some churches in America is vibrant in his sermon titled, “Running With Giants—Luke.”

The article Wiggins cites, “New Harvard Research Says US Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger,” distinguishes between churches that are dying because they embrace cultural mores and those that buck cultural trends by staying true to the Bible.

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