7 Proofs that Yeshua is Still Jewish | WATCH! Crisis on the Syrian Border – Ron Cantor MESSIAH’S MANDATE

Lessons From a Would-be King
Over the years I have heard many people tell of their great calling to be anapostle, prophet or to save gazillions through their ministry. Most of these never pan out. Those who are called to such things don’t speak about them or have them emblazoned on their business cards. Your fruit will prove your calling—not your business card, website or Facebook page.
7 Proofs that Yeshua is still Jewish
1. This may be shocking, but from the Book of Revelation, not only does Yeshua keep His ethnicity in heaven, but we do too!
2. Post Resurrection, Yeshua is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah and the Root of David:
5 more to go!
The IDF and Christians volunteers inside of Syria
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