‘America Is in Trouble’: Franklin Graham’s ‘Decision’ Tour Heads to Oregon, Washington – CBN News Alegra Hall

Franklin Graham
‘America Is in Trouble’: Franklin Graham’s ‘Decision’ Tour 
Heads to Oregon, Washington

CBN News Alegra Hall

Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, thinks it’s time to bring the 

country together.

Coming on the heels of news headlines highlighting the tremendous unrest in the country as well as 

divisions along party lines and tragic mass shootings, Graham senses the need for America to feel 
and know the love of God.

“We want to unite people from all walks of life, from every church and denomination, to pray for our 

leaders, our communities and our neighbors. Only God can change people’s hearts and heal our 
country,” says Graham.


Samaritan’s Purse Shifts to Family Care in Ebola Crisis

Billy Graham – Integrated Crusades

As the head of the international Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, Graham has seen 

tragedy and distress all over the world.

While traveling to places like Guatemala, East Africa and the Middle East, he brought the message 

of hope to millions.

Now he says he wants to bring the message of hope and unity to the people right here in the USA. 

According to the evangelist, “We all face crossroads in our lives—moments when we need to make 
important decisions.”

Graham says that important decision is whether or not to walk with Christ.

He wants to offer everyday people “the opportunity to make a spiritual decision that can impact 

their lives not only now, but for eternity.”

Graham, 65, is taking his message of God’s love throughout Oregon and Washington state this summer.

The national tour, known as Decision America, hit all 50 state capitals in 2016 and aims to reach as 

many souls through the ministry or prayer as well as worship with Christian artist Jeremy Camp.

The Grammy-nominated Camp will lead the crowds in worship each night at this free event.

His hope is that people in the Evergreen State will sense the presence of God and embrace His love.

According to his website, Graham thinks he has the key to restoring America.

“The most critical thing you can do is pray, pray, pray. The intercession of God’s people is crucial if 

we are to see a return to the biblical faith of our fathers, the faith that has guided and sustained our 
country for so long,” said Graham.

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