Hamas Uses Dating Apps to Lures IDF Soldiers; More Jews in Israel than Anywhere Else; Most Daring Hostage Rescue Ever! – United with Israel

United with Israel Watch IDF Soldiers Become Full-Fledged Warriors; Israel Passes Historic Law to Cut Funds to Palestinians Over Terror Stipends; Palestinians Beat Female Journalists, World See No Evil 
Milestone! Israel Has World’s Largest Concentration of Jews
Hamas Lures IDF Soldiers Into Cyber Traps with Facebook, Dating Apps
WATCH: 42 Years Later, Operation Entebbe Remains Most Daring Hostage Rescue Ever
Iranian General Accuses Israel of Stealing Its Clouds  
WATCH: IDF Soldiers Become Full-Fledged Warriors 
Israel Passes Historic Law to Cut Funds to Palestinian Authority Over Terror Stipends 
WATCH: Israeli Technologies Take the Field at the World Cup
Opinion: Palestinians Beat Female Journalists, World ‘Sees No Evil’ 
Former PM Olmert Regrets not Toppling Hamas in 2009 
Good News Israel! Technology Summer Camp; Clean Indoor Air; Electricity from Bacteria; and More! 


USA: 1-888-ZION-613 
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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