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July 3, 2018
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus, Yeshua.
Back from vacation yet? Or are you yet to go??? Hope you do get some time-off, whether it is just a few extra days or more. We all need a break once in a while, yes? I have two family reunions in Minnesota coming up at the end of this month. Many of my cousins I haven’t seen in over 18 years.
In your reading time, I hope you will take a few minutes and read my latest Now Think On This messages below.
President Trump – Is It Any Wonder? tells a different story than what 90% of news reports would have you believe. Interesting facts!
Change the Tires, Trade the Car speaks of a dream received, giving encouragement along the way. I trust you may relate to it also.
My latest book (#18) Hope – Founded in the Solid Rock came out in June. We all need hope continually in our life. I trust this will be an encouragement for you and yours.
Be blessed with ahava (love) and shalom (peace),
Steve Martin
Now Think On This
President Trump – Is It Any Wonder?
Steve Martin
“I am not afraid of the tens of thousands set against me on every side.” (Psalm 3:7, Complete Jewish Bible)
One would think the United States of America is falling apart, if you lived on a secluded island and only saw the cable newscasts that hourly proclaim their misguided, opinionated, rather untruthful messages. Certainly you would though learn what Beelzebub means. Lord of the Flies. As in a lot of swarming buzz surrounding a garbage load of waste.
Is it any wonder then that the Creator, Lord of All, commands us to keep our eyes fixed on Him, Jesus, and our ears tuned to what He is declaring and doing? We don’t live on an island lost afar off in the ocean, but rather do live in this nation founded providentially by the Lord. A correct presentation of written historical facts would show that, given the Founding Fathers often proclaimed their reliance on Almighty God, and fought to put this truth into action. Knowing the biblical and sustaining word that was given to them then, which still holds true, will keep us steady as shaking occurs. A shaking, by the way, which He has orchestrated.
We can count on Him to sustain us in these troubled times, and at the same time see His hand guiding us. One way He has done this was through the divine placement of one into national leadership, again. Needed as much now as when the foundations of this country were laid.
I am confident that what happened on the night of the national elections in November 2016 was the hand of God granting us mercy, knowing that we as a people have yet to complete a very important work. He wasn’t going to let the gates of hell take us further down the road of perdition. Instead He shook things up, keeping His agenda and times on track.
Look what has been done since the new president has taken office, against all odds, or so it has seemed. President Donald J. Trump has done a tremendous job!
Be sure to read the rest: President Trump – Is It Any Wonder?
Change the Tires, Trade the Car
Steve Martin
“You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you.” (Job 22:28, New Living Translation)
Dreams are another supernatural way the good Lord speaks to us. He gives us warnings, direction, hope, inspiration, or some other bit of knowledge for ourselves, a family member, or a group of people. When He gave me the following dream last night, following some prayer afterward as to its meaning, I knew it was for me.
But then now I think it may also be for a few of you. Read it, and if you sense an affirmation in your spirit, then too consider the possibility that the Lord may want to speak a confirmation in your heart as well.
Here goes.
The small car I was driving on the roadway seemed to be losing air in the front right-hand tire, and I thought it had picked up a nail. There was enough air left in the tire to get to my intended destination, but when I got out and looked at the tire, it wasn’t a nail or another object after all. In fact, after arriving, the rubber was totally coming off the rim! It reminded me of those tires that are re-treads, and after some good mileage had been traveled, they just fall off the main tread. You see remains of them often along highways where semi-trucks had lost the re-tread.
I then checked the left front tire, and the rubber was also starting to fall off. These had lasted just long and far enough to get me to my intended destination.
Further into the dream, I realized that it just so happened that I had stopped the car near a tire store, and the attendant said he had some tires to replace these two with. I responded with an OK, but then thought, “I am going to be trading this car in for a bigger one. I don’t need the higher priced tires. I’ll get some others instead.” And so I did.
I did not know at this time what the next car was going to be, but I believed it was to be a larger vehicle which I was going to need for the upcoming days.
I then woke up.
Be sure to read the rest: Change the Tires; Trade the Car
Hope book cover
Just released!
by Steve Martin
It would be nice if you could run down to the local grocery store and buy a package of hope. After all, don’t we find we need it every day? A few good helpings daily sure would be nice.
It is not quite that simple to get, but hope is certainly possible to obtain, and keep. The way I have found hope is by believing the promises of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, as put forth truthfully in the Bible. Through the centuries, the words written in the Word have proven accurate and life-changing in the very ones who have chosen to believe. I include myself among them.
The daily news will get you discouraged. The bank statement and monthly bills which come by mail or smart phone will drain you of your pursuit of happiness. One minute you are “up”. The next minute you hit a wall. What is it that keeps us pressing on to accomplish the good in life? Family and friends can be a good source to rely on, but even then those relationships can falter. We need more.
We need hope in our lives.
I would be graceful if you would support Love For His People by buying a copy for yourself, and one for a friend as a gift. (Birthdays and such!)
Be blessed, with the shalom (peace) and ahava (love) of the Lord.
Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.
Published June 2018. You can get it in paperback or Kindle.
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