Royal Visit Concludes at Western Wall; Iranian’s Powerful Message of Love to Israelis; NY Candidate Accuses Israel of Gaza ‘Massacre’ – United with Israel

United with Israel IDF’s First Female Tank Commanders; Is World Cup a Zionist Plot? Extreme Anti-Israel Democrat Wins Primary; Who Would Choose Terrorists Over Israel? Netanyahu to Iranians: Let’s Play Ball! 
Prince William Concludes Royal Visit at Western Wall
WATCH: An Iranian’s Powerful Message of Love to Israelis
NY Congressional Candidate Accused Israel of ‘Massacre’ in Gaza 
Arab Ex-Con: Israeli Prisons ‘Like Educational Institutions’ Compared to Arab ‘Dungeons’ 
Muslim Cleric: World Cup is Zionist Plot to Distract Arabs from Gaza 
IDF Crowns First Female Tank Commanders 
WATCH: Taylor Force Act Stops Palestinians from Using US Funds to Pay Terrorists 
Israeli Army Chief in US to Discuss Mideast ‘Military Cooperation’ 
Netanyahu Invites Iranians to Play Ball 
WATCH: Which Country Produced the IDF’s Top Soccer Pro? 
Canadian Ambassador: We’ll  Continue to Fight Anti-Israel  Boycotts 
WATCH: Hamas or Israel? You Be the Judge! 
Israel and US Establish Joint Center of Excellence in Energy 

USA: 1-888-ZION-613 
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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