Hamas Seeks War with Israel; Prince William’s Historic Visit to Israel; Will Trump Leave Abbas in the Dust? – United with Israel

United with Israel How Israel’s ‘Green Wall’ Fights the Desert; Worst Month for Terror in Years; Israelis Help African Children Fight Drought; Jewish Treasures Artifacts Disappear from Damascus in War 
Hamas Seeks War with Israel, IDF Officials Warn
Prince William Arrives in Israel for Historic Visit
Trump’s Peace Team will Bypass Palestinian Leader if Necessary
May Marked Worst Month for Terror Attacks in Years 
Shilo Discoveries Reinforce Archaeologist’s Faith in the Bible  
WATCH: Israel’s ‘Green Wall’ of Trees Fights Advancing Desert in Southern Africa 
Jewish Artifacts Disappear from Damascus in Fog of Syria War 
Israel, Greece, Cyprus Pledge Deeper Security Ties 
WATCH: Saudi Arabia Women Rejoice as Ban on Driving is Lifted 
‘Wave’ of Anti-Israel Resolutions Pass in Spain with Help of Far-Left Parties 
German Festival Cancels Concert Over Band’s Support for Anti-Israel Boycotts 


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