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Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn (Taylor Berglund)

Jonathan Cahn Exposes Ancient Blueprint of Current Events at Charisma Conference

Jonathan Cahn gave a prophetic message Saturday afternoon at the Charisma Conference 2018 in Orlando, Florida.
Cahn, the best-selling author of The HarbingerThe Paradigm and The Book of Mysteries, received a standing ovation from the crowd upon taking the stage.
“We are called to be prophetic and a prophetic witness for this time, so we need to know the signs of the times,” Cahn said.
Later, Cahn said, “We have moved from the days where the people of God can be status quo to the days where we must become prophetic. We must become radical. These are the days when we must become a revolutionary people to live a revolutionary life. Some of you are afraid of the end times. Don’t be. If God didn’t want you in the end times, he would have put you in the middle ages. But he put you here now.”
Before delving into the prophetic significance of current events, Cahn gave a disclaimer to the audience.
“It is so explosive that I have to say this: I will name names, but remember, we have no enemies, only the enemy,” Cahn said. “We must oppose what is evil and we must pray for those who commit it.”
He said that, because of the culture wars, an acceleration of wickedness has taken place in culture over the past 25 years. He then explained that ancient biblical figures mirror modern-day political figures, including Bill and Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump. 
Watch his full teaching above.

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