Iranians Love Netanyahu’s Offer; New US Bill Fights BDS; Palestinians Slam Pro-Peace Muslims; Before You Decide, Get to Know Israel! – United with Israel

United with Israel Model Gets Death Threats for Defending Israel; Islamists Use Different Names for SameTerror; Israelis Pit Computers vs. Human Debaters; EU Funds Anti-IDF Witch Hunt; Get to Know Israel! 
Iranians Love Netanyahu’s Offer to Save Iran with Israeli Water Technology
Congress Advances Law to Protect US Businesses from BDS Pressure
WATCH: Israeli ‘Settler’ Mom’s Moving Offer to Palestinian Mothers
Palestinian ‘Moderates’: Indonesians Who Met Israelis ‘Sold Their Souls to the Devil’ 
Death Threats for South African Model for Defending Israel, Denouncing Hamas  
WATCH: Before You Decide, Get to Know Israel! 
Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah Meet to Discuss Peace 
Israeli Team Pits Computer Against Human Debaters 
HAMAS, ISIS, HEZBOLLAH: Different Names, Same Terror 
Good News Israel! Early Cancer Detection, Israel’s 1st Female Ambucycle Driver, and More… 
EU Funds Witch Hunt to Harrass IDF Soldiers 

USA: 1-888-ZION-613 
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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