Netanyahu Praises Haley for Battling UN; Watch Brave Israelis Fight Terror Fires; Hamas Threatens 5000 More Burning Kites – United with Israel

United with Israel Haley Slams ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Anti-Israel UN Resolution; Outrageous Lies People Believe About Israel; IDF Troops Parachute into Poland; Prince William Visiting ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’? Palestinian Leaders Glorify Terror 
Netanyahu Praises Haley’s Support for Israel at UN
WATCH: Brave Israelis Fight Hamas Terror Fires
Haley Slams ‘Morally Bankrupt Judgement’ of UN’s Anti-Israel Resolution
Hamas Threatens to Send 5,000 Burning Kites Into Israel
WATCH: The Outrageous Lies People Believe About Israel 
Netanyahu Holds Surprise Meeting with Visiting Muslim Leader 
WATCH: Israel Wishes Muslim World Happy Holiday for ‘Eid Al-Fitr’ 
Prince William Thinks Jerusalem is in ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’ 
WATCH: A Jihadi State on the Trans-Israel Highway? 
Netanyahu to Latin America: Move Your Embassies to Jerusalem 

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Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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