Netanyahu Urges Latin Nations to Move Embassies; Iran Rejects Israeli Drought Aid; Facebook Bans Imam for Slamming Hamas Inbox x United with Israel

United with Israel Will the UN Finally Condemn Hamas? Summer Rains Flood Israel’s South; Iraqis Happy Beauty Queen is in Israel; Why Palestinians’ Only Free Speech is in Israel; Israel Saves the Seas! 
Netanyahu to Latin America: Move Your Embassies to Jerusalem!
‘Mind Your Own Business’: Iran Rejects Israeli Drought Aid
TWISTED: Facebook Bans ‘Imam of Peace’ for Slamming Hamas Terrorists
Will the UN Finally Condemn Hamas’ Rocket Attacks on Israel? 
WATCH: Netanyahu Lauds Trump’s ‘Strong Stand’ Against Iran, North Korea 
Freak Summer Rains Flood Israel’s South 
WATCH: Remembering the 3 Israeli Boys Killed By Hamas 
Free Speech for Palestinians? Only in Israel; PA Bans Anti-Abbas Protests 
Miss Iraq in Israel: Iraqis Are Happy I Am Here 
Israel Celebrates Ramadan with Tiny Ancient Quran 
WATCH: How Israel Helps Save the Seas 
Complaint: UK Aid to Palestinians Used to Promote Anti-Semitism 
Jews and Christians Join Forces to Fight BDS in South Africa 

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