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Erdogan Threatens to Reignite
Christian-Islamic War

Erdogan was scathing of the Austrian announcement and seemed to threaten severe reprisals. “These measures taken by the Austrian prime minister [Sebastian Kurz] are, I fear, leading the world towards a war between the cross and the crescent.”

Unusual Summer Rain:
Is God Crying On Jerusalem?

A rare summer rain coincides with a painful political event, making some wonder if there may be a connection

WATCH: Bruce Lee, Jewish?

Bruce Lee was internationally renowned as a 1970’s martial arts icon and movie star; but new evidence suggests that he was actually a descendant of a Jewish butcher from Rotterdam, Holland

ICYMI: New Historical Layer of Caesarea’s Hidden Treasures Revealed

Baroness Rothschild, Chair of the  Rothschild Foundation, unveiled a preservation project of the wall promenade, fortifications, and the Crusaders’ market at the port of Caesarea at a festive event

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