Fulfilling Last-Days Prophecy? Christians, Jews Worldwide Gather for Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast – CBN NEWS/JULIE STAHL AND CHRIS MITCHELL

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Hundreds of Christians from around the world gathered in Jerusalem this week, together with Israeli Knesset members and Jewish leaders, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.

“I think about the fact that God is joining Jews and Christians together for such an event. This is a wonder. This is such a wonder happening in our day and age,” said Sharon Daugherty, founding pastor of the Victory Christian Center. 

“We are in the last days. And we recognize that God is moving by His Holy Spirit around the world, but particularly here in Israel,” Daugherty told CBN News.
This is the second year that the gathering has taken place. Knesset Member Robert Ilatov initiated the breakfast, which is co-chaired by former U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. It’s part of a global movement to encourage Jews and Christians to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This year, representatives from 70 nations came to Jerusalem. Some noted that there were 70 nations in Israel’s 70th year.
“This is a prayer breakfast that really did what it says. It prayed and we prayed together and we sensed God,” said Billye Brim, of Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, Branson, Missouri.

“We’re a part of the future even today in this miraculous meeting. And we’re to pray as watchmen on the wall. We pray because God told us to pray,” Brim told CBN News.
Bachmann, Anne Graham Lotz, Israeli Knesset Members Yehuda Glick and Michael Oren, Christian Arab Pastor Steven Khoury and Rabbi Tuly Weiss addressed the group.

Weisz is director of Israel365, a group that reaches out to evangelical Christians, recently published The Israel Bible. It’s a Hebrew-English Tanakh (Old Testament) that highlights “the land of Israel, the people of Israel and the unique relationship between them.”
“I’ve been trying to bring Jews and Christians together for years, and I’m shocked at the outpouring of love that was at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast,” Weisz told CBN News

“I believe that in the 70th year of Israel, God is saying to us that He is finally ready for Jews and Christians to put aside our centuries of animosity. It was the Bible that was the source of division of Jews and Christians for thousands of years, and now the Bible is becoming the source of unity between Jews and Christians,” Weisz said.
Tomas Sandell, is a Finnish journalist and founding director of European Coalition for Israel.

“I think it was an amazing and historic event to see so many nations come together in Jerusalem, to celebrate the 70th anniversary but also to pray for global recognition of Jerusalem for what it is: the capital of the modern state of Israel,” Sandell said of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

“I think the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast will turn out to be one of those mobilizing forces bringing unity and focus,” Sandell told CBN News.

“The Bible is very clear we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. If there’s nothing else we can agree on, we have to agree with the Word of God, and I think the world is really craving to see this peace of Jerusalem become a reality,” Sandell said.

“So I think the fact that we are coming together, standing on truth and praying this very biblical prayer will have an impact,” he added. 

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