‘I Hope They See Jesus’: Fox & Friends Host Shares Personal Testimony in New Memoir – CBN News Jenna Browder

‘I Hope They See Jesus’: Fox & Friends Host Shares Personal Testimony in New Memoir

CBN News Jenna Browder

WASHINGTON – Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt is known for speaking boldly about her faith 

on air and is now sharing the personal details of her testimony in a new memoir.

Earhardt sat down with CBN’s Jenna Browder to talk about The Light Within Me at Fox News 

studios in New York.

She remembers when publisher Harper Collins approached her to write it.

“Honestly I thought, well aren’t you like 80 years old when you write a memoir?” she laughed. 

“Who am I? I don’t want to sound self-righteous and I don’t want to act like I have it all put together.”

Finding Jesus Fills the Void in Her Life

She said she ultimately decided to do because she felt God was leading her to share her story.

Earhardt was born in South Carolina and writes about growing up in a Christian home, 

but it wasn’t until college that she came to know Jesus.

“I was in a Bible study, Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God, and I started to experience God as 

I was reading the pages of this workbook and studying scripture with some friends, and we all 
just searching to fill that void in our lives,” she explained.

“Jesus, I Don’t Know How to Pray…”


‘Fox & Friends’ Co-Host on Success, Motherhood, and Trusting God

It was at a frat party of all places when her life changed forever.

“In the middle of the party I looked around and I just said, ‘I’m tired of this. I’m tired of living this 

way and doing this almost every single night in college,’ and I walked outside and sat down on the 
stoop and I just said, ‘Jesus, I don’t know how to pray this but will you come into my life?'” she said.

Fox News Comes Calling

Throughout the book, Earhardt writes about seeking God’s will. That’s what she felt she was doing 

while working at a CBS affiliate in San Antonio. Then in 2006, Fox News came calling.

“I wrote in my journal about how I was just hoping God would bless my words and give me favor 

with the bosses here and that they would like me but only if it was God’s will,” she said.

While she landed the job in New York, it took years of working overnights, weekends and travel 

before she made it to the Fox & Friends curvy couch.

Ignoring the Critics

One of the show’s most loyal viewers is President Trump, who tweeted his support for Earhardt’s 

book, calling her a “truly great person” and the book “wonderful.”

Mediaite recently criticized Earhardt, saying she’s afraid to criticize Trump, a claim she disputes.

“I don’t believe that’s true,” she said. “I asked him some tough questions in that last interview.”

Earhardt says she tries her best to ignore the critics.

“The haters out there, I don’t really pay attention to them because I feel like I’m doing the best 

I can and I just don’t want that negativity into my heart and into my mind,” she explained.

Even with her current success, she’s seen lows in her career and personal life, including a 

devastating divorce. The year that followed she calls her “Jesus Year.”

Life Turns Around After Devastating Divorce

“So Jesus died when he was 33 and when I was 33 I was coming out of a failed marriage and was 

in a really low point in my life because I was really sad about that,” she explained. “God healed me 
so much during that period. So I loved that year because I leaned on God and then as a result, I 
started checking things off my bucket list.”

She says she started spending more time with family and friends and traveling. And then she 

eventually met her now husband, Will. The two married in 2012. Three years later Earhardt 
learned she was pregnant, but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

“I got through my miscarriage with God,” she said. “And I just said, you know, I prayed and 

prayed that God would give me a healthy baby and the baby wasn’t healthy and wasn’t viable 
and so the baby is with God in heaven now and I know I’ll see that baby again’ and I went home 
and I just cried that afternoon.”

God Gives Hope for Another Baby

She says God not only got her through that, he gave her hope for another baby.

Hayden was born in 2015.

“She’s such a joy,” Earhardt said tearfully. “I pray that I live a very long life so that I can see her 

get married and see her have children one day. She is such a joy. She is such an answer to prayer 
and she’s my little miracle. I just I thank God for her daily.”

In terms of what’s next, Earhardt says she’s leaving that up to God.

“Well as far as the kids are concerned, that’s up to God. I’ll give that to God,” she said. “I am 41 

years old and I’m having the time of my life and I feel like even though I’ve gone through some 
difficult times, the majority of my life has just been full of blessings and even the bad stuff, 
I’m grateful for. In order to get to the mountain, you’ve got to go through the valley.”

Ainsley’s Hope: That “People See Jesus”

When it comes to her memoir, she says she hopes “people see Jesus.”

“I hope it’s not about Ainsley Earhardt,” she said. “Everything in this book that I have done in my

life is because of God. It’s because I asked him to come into my life and I asked him to steer my 
car and to be in the driver’s seat and that’s what he’s doing.”

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