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Israel Has Nothing to Fear from Trump’s Plan?

By Daniel Pipes
About the whole plan being a sham: Trump has shown great interest in achieving a Palestinian-Israeli deal that has eluded his predecessors; there is no evidence to think he is engaging in a charade. Unless this plan succeeds, it has no value.

Pompeo Presents the Trump Doctrine

By Caroline Glick
The Trump Doctrine involves a simple concept: U.S. foreign policy must be grounded in reality rather than fantasy, and its aim is to achieve the only goal that matters: securing and enhancing the security of the American people.

Hamas: Fight to the Last Gazan

By Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Hamas, after it succeeded in putting out every flicker of hope left in the hearts of Gaza residents, after it brought them to the depths of despair, has now turned them into live ammunition aimed at Israel. People are the best weapon of all, low cost and self-activated for 50 shekels a head. That is the sum Hamas pays each rioter.

The Boomerang Effect of Anti-Israel Lies

By Ben-Dror Yemini
This incitement campaign is a boomerang. Israel is the target, but the incitement leads to a radicalization of the Muslim communities across Europe. Because when there is a consensus among Muslims in the continent that Israel committed a massacre in Gaza last week, the obvious result is that they’re allowed to respond with a massacre.

What Does Hamas Really Want From Us?

By Dr. Michael Laitman
When we blow the horn of love and unity among us, the whole world is listening, changing its attitude towards us in a positive way. But when we fail to do so, our enemies awaken us with blows to open our ears. Hamas is merely the enemy on duty.
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Newsweek Downplays Israel’s Success

By Steve Kramer
‘Many’ of the average young people say, “There’s simply no future in Israel.” That is rubbish, as “many” Brits like to say. As far as the ECONOMY is concerned, Israel has one of the world’s strongest, with a growth rate far in excess of Europe’s or America’s. Israel’s fertility rate is the highest among the OECD and its average age is the lowest, reducing the impending major shortfall of funding for pensioners which hangs over all other developed countries.

Jews, the Indigenous People of Israel

By Earl Cox 
Because the Palestinians know that historical, archeological, religious and genetic records indisputably prove Jews as the indigenous population and with a continuous presence in the land, they deny Jewish history and destroy or usurp archeological evidence and ancient Jewish religious sites.
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