Maoz Israel Report – June 2018 Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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0618 - 20th Knesset -2015   EVANGELICALS
       By Itzhak Rabihiya 

              “This is the most positive article I’ve ever seen in the Israeli mainstream press about Messianic Jews. It appeared in the Jerusalem Post February 2, 2018.”
(Shira Sorko-Ram). Read the article…

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       By Shira Sorko-Ram

          There is a new wind of change blowing in Israel for
the Messianic Jewish community. As the second
generation of Messianic Jews has come of age, you will
find Jewish believers in many different professions and
positions of influence in Israel. In some cases, these believers are working in situations where at first their bosses and coworkers are unaware of their faith.
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0618-Tiferet-2   REACHING OUR GOAL TO
       From Gil and Tamar Afriat 

                For many believers, congregation Tiferet Yeshua in
Tel Aviv is home. And like all homes, over time there is
the need for renovation and expansion—that is, if the
family is growing—and the family at Tiferet Yeshua has
definitely been growing.
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0618-Sapphire-Skies-2   SYMPHONIES ABOVE
        By Shani Sorko-Ram Ferguson

             It was the winter of 1998, and I had just finished
my college classes for the day. My music professor had
given us a homework assignment to write a song.
As I remember it, it had been a particularly amazing week of classes. I had this one professor who had an uncanny way of describing the Kingdom of God and the spiritual world…
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0518-MJAA-8   MJAA’S “MESSIAH” 2018

             Twenty-three young believers from all around Israel
will attend the week-long conference in Grantham, PA
this July. For most, this will be their first encounter
with the largest gathering of Messianic Jews in the
world. You can help them get to this life-changing
conference! Read more…

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