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Fear not, O soil, rejoice and be glad;
For Hashem has wrought great deeds

Joel 2:21 (The Israel Bible™)

אַל־תִּירְאִי אֲדָמָה גִּילִי וּשְׂמָחִי כִּי־הִגְדִּיל יְהוָה לַעֲשׂוֹת
Hear the verse in Hebrew

al TEER-ee a-da-mah GEE-lee u’-SEEm-khee kee heeg-DEEl a-d-NI la-a-SOT

Who was Joel?

The second book of The Twelve Prophets, Joel consists of four short chapters. Aside his his father’s name, we know nothing of the prophet’s personal life, and the absence of historical references in the book make pinpointing when he lived nearly impossible. However, Joel’s message is clear: Through repentance, disaster can be averted and judgement can be transformed into mercy. Indeed, Joel is one of the few prophets who successfully effects a transformation among the people.
Witness the transformation

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