Israel to Build 3900 New Homes in Judea and Samaria; Palestinians Call Americans ‘Legitimate Targets’; IDF Captures Terrorist – United with Israe

United with Israel Supporters in 50 Nations Unite to Sing Israeli Anthem! Israel Battles Bias at Arab Sports Events; Iran Taunts US with ‘Tom and Jerry’ Jab; Why Israel Must Deporting Anti-Israel Boycotter 
Israel Announces 3900 New Homes to be Built in Judea and Samaria
Palestinians Say  Americans are Now Legitimate Targets
WATCH: Is Trump’s Peace Plan ‘Dead on Arrival’?
Israel Battles Discrimination at Arab-hosted Sports Events 
UNITED! Supporters in 50 Nations Join to Sing Israeli Anthem 
Israeli Forces Capture Terrorist Who Carried Out Shooting Attack 
WATCH: Why Israel is Justified in Deporting Anti-Israel Activist Omar Shakir 
Iranian Leader: US Plots Against Iran All Fail Like a ‘Tom and Jerry’ Cartoon 
Palestinian Storms Out After International Forum Supports Israel 

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Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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