‘Jesus Culture’ Worship Leader Reveals How She Sings the Blues Away – CBN News Alegra Hall

‘Jesus Culture’ Worship Leader Reveals How She Sings the Blues Away

CBN News Alegra Hall

In an effort to shine the light of God on dark areas of the Christian walk, Jesus Culture frontwoman 

Kim Walker-Smith says she battled depression.

The prolific songwriter who is used to singing before thousands at packed stadiums opened up 

about her private battles off stage.

In her online bio, the 30-something songstress says her passion is “to see people transformed by 

experiencing God’s love” and that’s what happened to the Oregon native as she began to use her 
Christian Values

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Walker- Smith says despite her fame and notoriety she suffered from post-partum depression after 

the birth of her second child.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, she is not alone. They estimate on average 1 in 9 

women deal with post-partum and in some states, it is as high as 1 in 5 women.

Some symptoms include excessive crying, feelings of disconnectedness with your newborn baby 

and feelings of guilt over your ability to be a good mother.

The good news is that the CDC says the condition “is treatable and most people get better with 


Walker-Smith tells The Christian Post her treatment is a time in worship with the Lord adding 

that in the lowest of times when we sing to the Lord “God honors that sacrifice.”

In her latest release from her 2017 solo album, Walker-Smith takes the listener through her journey 

and ultimate deliverance from depression.

The powerful lyrics from songs like On My Side encourage the listener to know God is fighting 

for them.

She sings: In the tragedy, you grieve with me Your comfort is my song In my wandering, You’re 

still rescuing You will never, never give up

According to The Christian Post, Walker-Smith wants believers to know that during that time of 

praise in a hard spot “Fire always falls on the sacrifice. You bring everything that you have to 
Jesus and you won’t be disappointed, you won’t be let down.”

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