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An End-of-Days Guide to the Embassy Move

Several prominent rabbis weigh in on what the new US Embassy means in terms of the Redemption

Largest Number of Jews Ascend Mount Moriah Since Time of Second Temple

A record 2,080 Jews ascended the Temple Mount

On Same Day US Moves Embassy to Jerusalem, Sign Jerusalem Covenant

Join more than 180,000 others to say, ‘the Jews have returned to the place that the Lord vowed to bestow upon them’

Collective Fundraising Page ‘I am Israel’ Launched on Anniversary of Israel’s Establishment

‘iAm Israel is about building a stronger and more vibrant Israel through unity and diversity’

41 Gazans Killed While Charging Security Fence [WATCH]

35,000 Palestinians answered to end a six week period of protests with a violent encore

WATCH: Trump Conveys Blessings for US Embassy’s Opening in ‘Historic and Sacred Land of Jerusalem’

Trump’s message was delivered by video at the inauguration ceremony on Monday afternoon
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