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YouTube suspends abortion pill reversal videos, silencing women who chose life

YouTube suspended the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) account for “repeated or severe violations of [the] Community Guidelines.” The “offending” videos included one webinar explaining APR in scientific and medical terms. The remaining three told the stories of women who chose life for their babies using the APR protocol. Read more



And Then There Were None is a pro-life group that reaches out to abortion workers, encouraging them to leave the abortion industry and helping them with financial and emotional support when they do…From their testimonies, we can learn a great deal about the abortion industry. Read more


Almost two years after the death of 30-year-old Jaime Lee Morales from her 23-week abortion, New York abortionist Robert Rho pled guilty to a lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide on May 4. Read more


Live Action News recently reported that the University of Minnesota…had posted a job opening for board-certified applicants to fill a role of “abortionist-trainer-in-training” at the university, which would have focused primarily on learning to commit abortion at Planned Parenthood, and then to train others. Read more


The Times of Israel reports that a new “handheld ultrasound device” is in its finishing stages. It will “allow pregnant women to check on the health of their baby” by connecting to a smartphone. Read more


In April of 2018, Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM) representative Stefano Gennarini gave prepared remarks at the United Nations Commission on Population and Development. But it was his extemporaneous remarks given just moments before that spoke directly to the fact that the United Nations views abortion as a solution for population problems rather than a tragedy. Read more


May 4th is Star Wars Day, and some families expressed their loyalty to the saga with Star Wars themed photo shoots featuring their newborn babies. From costumes highlighting Princess Leia, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker, the Force is clearly strong with these ones. Read more


Chris Garafola is a well-known male model with tens of thousands of followers on social media, listed as one of Harper Bazaar’s hottest guys to follow on Instagram. But Garafola is not just a pretty face — he also has a heart of gold for his big sister, Brittany, who has Down syndrome. Read more

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