The Power Point Heard ‘Round the World’ – CBN News Chris Mitchell

The Power Point Heard ‘Round the World’

CBN News Chris Mitchell

The announcement was stunning. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented evidence 

he claimed came from the very heart of Iran’s decades-long covert nuclear program.

It was a power point presentation heard round the world and especially in the White House with

 its number one audience, President Donald Trump.

First of all, the evidence the prime minister presented was a treasure trove of intelligence captured 

from the heart of a neighborhood in Tehran. He dramatically unveiled files – both paper and digital
 – from Iran’s secret nuclear program. If true, it represents one of the intelligence coups of the 
century. How could the Mossad – Israel’s CIA – find and remove thousands of the most sensitive
and incriminating files from Iran’s nuclear program? It wouldn’t be the first time the Mossad has 
of espionage. This operation will likely rank up near the top of their achievements.

Netanyahu has spent a great deal of his adult life warning the world about the dangers of a nuclear 

Iran many times on the world stage at the UN. He has used simple but memorable props like a poster 
with a cartoon-looking bomb to illustrate how close Iran is to getting a nuclear bomb. Many believe 
he’s a master of political theater on the global stage.

His revelations come while a high stakes debate is going on with President Trump at the heart of 

the discussion. Last week French President Emmanuel Macron lobbied the President not to 
abandon the nuclear deal. German Chancellor Angela Merkel followed days later with her 
own arguments.

But Netanyahu has presented to the world powerful and some would argue overwhelming evidence 

that Iran has lied throughout its entire negotiations with the P5+1, the nations and organizations 
that crafted the JCOPA, the nuclear deal with Iran.

One wonders how former Secretary of State John Kerry who negotiated the deal on behalf of the 

U.S. will react as well as former President Barack Obama who declared victory when he announced 
the deal.

Iran’s reaction was predictable.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted: “The boy (Netanyahu) who can’t stop crying wolf is at 

it again. Undeterred by cartoon fiasco at UNGA (United Nations General Assembly). You can only 
fool some of the people so many times.”

Israel’s Former Ambassador to the US Danny Ayalon tweeted this rebuttal:

“The wolf in sheep’s clothing is secretly seeking nuclear weapons, imprisoning Christian journalists, 

and helping Bashar al-Assad to gas thousands of innocent children to death.”

We can expect U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley to address this evidence in the 

UN Security Council.

It’s clear there’s been close cooperation with the United States during the prelude to Netanyahu’s 

announcement. Last week Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited U.S. Secretary of 
Defense General Mattis. On Sunday, newly appointed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with 
Netanyahu here in Jerusalem. Their joint press statement focused nearly entirely on Iran. During 
his presentation, Netanyahu said they had shared all of this intelligence with the U.S., which 
had verified it.

Israel just announced that Netanyahu spoke with France’s Macron and Germany’s Merkel before 

the announcement. He agreed to send professional teams to share the materials exposing Iran’s 
nuclear program.

Now the countdown begins to May 12th, the day President Trump decides whether he will certify 

or decertify the Iranian nuclear deal. It’s a decision that may determine not just the future of what 
he has called “the worst deal ever” but the future of the Middle East and the world.

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