‘That Was the Last Time I Saw Him’: Franklin Graham Opens Up About Final Moments with his Father – CBN News Emily Jones

‘That Was the Last Time I Saw Him’: Franklin Graham Opens Up About Final Moments with his Father
CBN News Emily Jones

Evangelist Franklin Graham opened up about his father’s legacy and the private memories he cherishes 

in an exclusive interview with TBN that aired Thursday evening.

Sitting in his father’s personal office in Charlotte, North Carolina, Franklin Graham reflected on the 

last moments he had with his father.

“I was with him the Sunday before he died and the last few years he’d been real quiet. He didn’t say 

much. His mind was good because every now and then he would respond,” Graham told TBN’s Matt 
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‘Ambassador for Christ’: America’s Leaders Pay Historic Honor to Billy Graham

Though Rev. Billy Graham mostly sat in silence, Franklin said his father let him know he was cold 

that Sunday because his hand was shaking.

“I went and got him a blanket and put it up on his chest and around his neck and in about five minutes 

his hand quit shaking and he began to lightly snore like he was asleep. And I prayed for him and that 
was the last time I saw him,” Graham said.

After Billy Graham died on February 21, 2018, America’s most powerful leaders honored him at 

the nation’s capitol and at his funeral service in North Carolina. Among those leaders were 
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Graham considered asking President Trump to speak at his father’s service, but both agreed it would 

be best to honor Billy Graham’s life in another way.

“We all felt it would be more powerful if the president came and like everyone else watched and 

participated from his seat,” Graham explained. “It was just the family that spoke.”

While Billy Graham traveled the globe praying with world leaders and serving as a spiritual mentor 

to many of America’s presidents, Franklin Graham only knew him as “daddy.”

“It really wasn’t until I was a teenager that I really began to understand or comprehend not just the 

message that my father preached, but there was as special anointing on his life that came just from 
God,” he explained.

Though in his later years Billy Graham didn’t have the strength to preach, Franklin says he never 

stopped ministering.

“Even though he was at home and not able to preach anymore, I think his ministry was prayer. 

I think he was not only praying for the children, but for the president, for our country,” Graham shared.

Some have wondered if Billy Graham’s death would change the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

However, Franklin says he will continue spreading the same gospel message his father devoted his life to.

“Of course, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association isn’t going to stop,” he said. “We’re not going 

to redefine it. We’re not going to give it a new direction. We’re going to keep doing what my father 
did for so many years, and that’s to use every means available to preach the gospel.”

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