Jewish man goes from serving Reagan to serving God with Billy Graham – ONE FOR ISRAEL

Dr. Erez Soref, President of ONE FOR ISRAEL 

God is irrepressible, unstoppable, all-powerful, and He answers our prayers in wonderful ways. 

Ken Barun’s life shows the grace and power of God at work in the most extraordinary circumstances. Little did Ken know, his steps were guarded and guided by prayers going up on his behalf for many years.

If you are praying for someone to come to faith, don’t give up! It may take many years but God is mighty to save people, no matter what situation they may be in today.

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New Testament – Bad For Us Jews?
Is the purpose of the New Testament to tone down the law? To make our lives easier? So that we can do whatever we please, since we’ll receive forgiveness anyway?
Or, in other words, does the NT cancel the law and give permission to sin? Continue reading… 

The Stones Cry Out! Ancient Israeli Mosaic States Jesus Is God

When Dr. Yotam Tepper of the University of Haifa recently led an archaeological excavation at the site of an ancient Jewish village, he was surprised to come across a mosaic that read, “The God-loving Akeptous has offered the table to God Jesus Christ as a memorial.” Continue reading…



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