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Mazal Tov! First Jacob’s Sheep of Season Born on Israel’s 70th Birthday

The little ewe was given the name, “Golda Meir”
“And the flocks conceived at the sight of the rods, and the flocks brought forth streaked, speckled, and spotted.” (Genesis 30:39)

Romania to Move Embassy to Jerusalem: Netanyahu Promises Six More to Follow

Breaks rank with European Union
“Yerushalayim built up, a city knit together,4 to which tribes would make pilgrimage, the tribes of Hashem, —as was enjoined upon Yisrael— to praise the name of Hashem.” (Psalms 122:3)

[Photos] What Happens When Israeli Innovation Meets a Desire to Save Lives?

Response times are reduced by as much as three minutes
“If you say, “We knew nothing of it,” Surely He who fathoms hearts will discern [the truth], He who watches over your life will know it, And He will pay each man as he deserves.” (Proverbs 24:12)

On Israel’s 70th, Charity Organization Finds Innovative Ways to Help the Poor

Meir Panim continues working to bridge the gaps between haves and have nots
“How many are the things You have made, Hashem; You have made them all with wisdom; the earth is full of Your creations.” (Psalms 104:24)

IDF Drops Leaflets Warning Gaza Residents Not to Riot at Border

The leaflets were dropped ahead of another expected round of riots
“When you approach a town to attack it, you shall offer it terms of peace.” (Deuteronomy 20:10)

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Remarkable Video Presents 70 Years of Israeli History and Achievement in 165 Seconds

Israel has grown in such a relatively short span of time


Purim is the only Jewish holiday that is observed on two different days, depending on one’s location. The residents of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) and other walled cities celebrate on the fifteenth of Adar, while the rest of the world celebrates on the fourteenth of Adar…

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