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Like a bear robbed of her young I attack them And rip open the casing of their hearts
Hosea 13:8 (The Israel Bible™)

אֶפְגְּשֵׁם כְּדֹב שַׁכּוּל וְאֶקְרַע סְגוֹר לִבָּם
Hear the verse in Hebrew

ef-g’-SHAYM k’-DOV sha-KUL v’-ek-RA s’-GOR li-BAM

A Mama Bear’s Love

In the Bible, Hashem (God) is often described using animal characteristics. In the above verse, Hoshea (Hosea) compares Hashem’s anger at the Children of Israel to that of a mother bear whose cubs have been stolen. Mother bears are known to be particularly nurturing and protective of their cubs and would be inconsolable if separated from them. Similarly, Hashem cares so deeply for His children and is likewise devastated when they they reject His ways. The prophet drew on this metaphor from nature to convey Hashem‘s disappointment in the Children of Israel. Pictured above is a majestic Syrian Brown Bear at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. While this species of bear is native to the Land of Israel, it has become extinct in recent decades.
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