JESUS SENT OUT THE TWELVE ( LUKE 9:1-10) – Pastor Abel Oyewale

Pastor Abel Oyewale
When Jesus had called the Twelve together, He gave them power and authority together, all demons and cure diseases, and He sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. (Luke 9:1-2)
When Jesus had called the twelve together He sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. The time came for the Twelve, that had been with Jesus from the onset (Mark 3:14 ), to be sent out on the practical mission. It is unscriptural to continue receiving from Christ without going out to release Him to the world.
He empowered them to effectively represent Him to the aching/dying world. Jesus has also endued all true Christians to demonstrate signs and wonders by the power of His Spirit. 
The disciples were strictly instructed not to take anything extra on the journey and not to go from house to house, but that they should remain in a particular house where they were first welcomed. Jesus was indirectly teaching the disciples to be content with what He provides and to remain in a place for easy location and cohesion. We need God’s wisdom to do God’s work.
They were to shake the dust off their feet in the town where their message was not welcomed. In the Jewish culture, it symbolises separation. That is the disciples were not responsible for whatever judgment that would befall them. We must duly and understandably present the Gospel to the sinner so that we are not held accountable for their blood.
When the Apostles returned, they reported to Jesus what they had done. The disciples immediately went from village to village preaching the Good News. When did you preach last? Remember we are commanded to preach to all nations (Matt 28:18-20). The Master backed them up with all they needed to succeed. We have His backing today by His Holy Spirit to set the captives free, as we preach the gospel message. (Mark 16:13-18)
The news of what the power/backing of Christ did in and through them spread like wildfire, so much that Herod became perplexed about who Jesus was trying to see him. If every Christian will go and preach the Gospel, the name of Jesus will be lifted high and satan and his accomplices would chicken out into perpetual hiding in the land.
After their itinerary, they returned and reported all God had done to the Master. Evangelists and missionaries should submit to appropriate authorities for leadership.and growth. God is sending all Christians to go and preach everywhere, just like He sent the early disciples. He has empowered us by giving us His Spirit, and we have His word that nothing would harm us.

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