Maoz Israel Report April 2018 – Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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0418 email story 1   A JEW AND A CHRISTIAN:
   By Shira Sorko-Ram 
             There is not an Israeli school child anywhere in the
world who has not heard of Theodore Herzl—the Father
of Modern Israel. But few people—in or out of Israel—
have ever heard of William Hechler.
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0418 - Ido - immersion   IDO RECEIVES HEALING

      By Gil Afriat

            Returning from Rachel’s baptism in the Jordan
River, she shared with us about her friend, Ido. She said
he’s very interested in the faith, and he’s watching
Messianic videos. Soon after this I spoke with Ido on
the phone and I saw that he was really open to hear
about faith in Yeshua, so I invited him to Tiferet
Yeshua’s assembly on Friday.
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0418 - Tanya and Natanel   A FAMILY OF MUSICIANS 
       Meet Maoz Director of Music Making for Kids,
Tanya Kadin

             My husband Roman and I were raised in the Former
Soviet Union where there is a very strong classical
musical culture. We spent years in musical
conservatoriums, and as believers we led worship in
our congregation.
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0418 - Natanel - trumpet   A NEW GENERATION OF

      By Natanel Tsemel

              Six years ago, I found out what a trumpet was! I was
told that the shape of my lips is very fitting to play wind
instruments. So I chose the trumpet and was really
excited about the sound it produces and the various
music styles I can play on it.
Now I play with orchestras and take part in concerts
and am part of our worship team—a dream come true!
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