‘Fox and Friends’ Host Ainsley Earhardt: ‘I Love Jesus and I Can’t Hide That’ – CBN News Jenna Browder

‘Fox and Friends’ Host Ainsley Earhardt: ‘I Love Jesus and I Can’t Hide That’
CBN News Jenna Browder

NEW YORK – For more than a decade, “Fox and Friends” has dominated morning show ratings. In fact, 2017 was the most watched year for the show, averaging nearly 1.6 million viewers across America each day.

The show’s leading lady, Ainsley Earhardt, recently sat down with CBN’s Jenna Browder to talk 

about its growing influence and the important role she plays.

To Earhardt’s delight, one of the program’s most loyal viewers is President Donald Trump. “I think it’s 

such a privilege,” she said. “To know that he’s interested in our show and that he enjoys our show, 
I think that’s a great honor.”

Still, when it comes to the stories they choose to cover and how they talk about them, Earhardt said 

it’s really all about the viewers and not Trump.

“It’s not because the president is watching that we need to have a certain narrative,” she said.

Earhardt also opened up about her Christian faith.

“I’m so excited about what God has done in my life and I love Jesus and I can’t hide that,” she said. 

“I really believe that if I ever did that I would lose it all. I think God has blessed me because He 
knew I wasn’t going to be afraid and I wasn’t going to fear what the rest of the world thought.”

That boldness for the Lord is something she wants to impart to her daughter, Hayden.

“She has the best personality,” Earhardt said with a huge smile on her face. “When I walk in the 

door I can hear her little voice and I hear her say, ‘Momma!’ and she runs from the playroom or 
from her room or from wherever she is in the apartment and she runs and jumps into my arms.”

Earhardt described the day Hayden was born as one of the best moments of her life.

“Other than becoming Christian, that weekend when she was born – she was born on a Friday – 

was the best weekend of my life,” she said.

Earhardt has written two children’s books inspired by Hayden: Take Heart my Child and 

Through Your Eyes.

If that’s not enough, she has another book coming out later this month about her faith, aptly 

named The Light Within Me.

“I am so grateful,” said Earhardt. “I thank God all the time for it and when I’m walking into Fox, 

after being here for 11 years, I pinch myself and just say, ‘Really, God?’ “

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