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Prophecy: This Overlooked Nation Is About to Roar With the Holy Spirit’s Fire

After watching the news on Nov. 15, 2017, with everyone wearing white and red T-shirts on social media, My heart started rejoicing over the nation where I was born.
It has been a long time since I have seen Peru roaring with hope and joy. This Nov. 15, Peru qualified for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. After 36 years, Peru is on the list to become one of the champions in the world cup. While looking at the different events and social media of this victory for Peru, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Peru will not be called anymore el mendigo sentado en el banco de oro (the beggar seated on the golden bank), Peru will be called el leon sentado en el banco de oro (the lion seated on the golden bank).”
The Lord continued speaking to me: “It is not coincidence that Peru is going to the World Cup. It’s my favor upon Peru that is taking it to a new level. There is a shifting in the atmosphere that is taking place, a shifting in the system of the body of Christ, especially to the young generation. Their eyes will be opened to see the ruins of their city, this young people will burn in mercy, compassion and strength to rebuild the fallen walls. The heart of the reformers is awakening now.”
I feel in my spirit that the Lord is going to release a new wind, and it is the wind of reformation. The young generation, the new Millennials, will rise with the spirit of reformation. The Holy Spirit is going to stir up the hearts of Christian young people where they will say, “There has to be more.” Their hunger and desire will move their hearts for reformation in society, the seven gates of government, education, family, religion, media and entertainment, marketplace and the arts. This generation will change society and society will not change them. His Word says, “You must influence them; do not let them influence you” (Jer. 15:19, NLT).
The Lord is going to stir up the heart of this nation to see societal transformation and regions reformed; The Holy Spirit will blow on the wind of reformation. The lion is roaring now; heaven has heard the prayers of Peru, but I feel the urgency in my spirit that Peru has to be awake in the spirit to receive the wind of reformation. This is going to look different because the power of the Holy Spirit will come not only in the church but in different spheres of influence and even the streets.
“Peru, You have been known only for what you have and can offer; all your riches in climate, forest and diversity, regions and landscape. Now you will be known for who you are, because the lion is roaring. People will hear your sound and its sound will blown to the north, south, east and west, because I will restore your identity, I will restore your name and I will restore your heart from the suffering, injustice and corruption. A crown of righteousness will fall upon you and it will give you favor to the nations. Your neighbors will desire to be like you, and you will not be afraid anymore. You will flow in compassion, mercy and strength.”
“The nations shall see your righteousness, and all kings your glory. And you shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name” (Isa. 62:2).
The New Awakening
Unity is going to be key for a new awakening in Peru, I had this vision several months ago of a glorious and golden lion, running and roaring at the same time, and he was holding the flag of Peru. I heard, “A great awakening is starting in the spirit to Peru. Missionaries, women and men of influence have visited and ministered to Peru, and the country has experienced different touches of heaven in different seasons. Because Peru welcomed and received its prophets, I will come again and visit Peru with a louder roar of a great awakening. New man and woman will rise up from Peru, a new generation of the new wineskin whom will rise up with the fear of the Lord and burning love to take the spheres of influence. A new visitation is coming from outside of Peru; the revival of Argentina will not compare to the great awakening that’s about to come over Peru. And I heard in my spirit, “The Catholic church, the Catholic church!” Division and judgment will fall down, because this awakening is pure and full of the Father’s love. The Catholic church will experience the roar of the lion; the roar in my vision was “unity and love. I believe the Catholic church is about to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and real intimacy with the Father as never before. The Lord loves the Catholic church, and He wants to encounter them with so much love and power. And I believe the Lord wants to use Christians to demonstrate his love like towards them. A new movement of the Spirit is starting in the Catholic church in Peru.
The orphan spirit that the enemy was holding Peru back with, will break down again. “Peru, you were crying out, ‘Father, where are you? Why is all this happening?’ Peru, be ready. I am opening your eyes to see and ears toreceive a fresh liquid love over you. You think you know love, but my love will break the judgment of your eyes because unity is coming to the body of Christ. and denominations and leaders will come together not just for meeting or events, they will come to seek my presence through my word and worship. And this will be the sign of the great awakening for transformation.”
I also saw in my spirit people gathering from different denominations, backgrounds, culture, regions, belief systems and country neighbors. Peru will be a hub for the great awakening to South America; the eyes of many nations will be upon Peru and they will see not only the passion but the new fire and healing that will be released. A new wineskin will be poured out in this nation for the great awakening; the love of the Father that will bring true repentance, revival in people’s hearts. The spirit of the new reformers will rise up inside the church to go out of the four walls. This is the culture of heaven the Lord wants to release in Peru, a culture of unity in the body of Christ.
“Your kingdom come; Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).
I really believe that Peru going to the World Cup after 36 years is something significant. This is not just a sporting event; it is a prophetic event in the Spirit where the eyes of a loving God are over the people of Peru, and He is igniting hope and faith, making it possible to dream. The shifting is starting because the lion is roaring to see heaven on earth and his righteousness. God hasn’t forgotten Peru and his prayers. He is planning something big, and He is orchestrating different situations to take Peru into a great awakening and his destiny. Peru, be ready, expect. It is time to roar and overtake! 
“A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation. I, the lord, will hasten it in its time” (Isa. 60:22). 
Luz Yemi Centeno Vargas  is passionate about souls coming into the kingdom of God. She has worked extensively with ministries in Peru, Canada and internationally, using her prophetic and evangelist gift to help bring transformation to cities and nations. She is currently based in Peru doing missions, working on a project ” Shine Your Light ” to help children at risk, and spends her time speaking and ministering across the country. Connect with her at

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