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First Person Account: A Terrorist Attack in the
Old City Solidifying Israel’s Significance for
Birthright Participants

By  Eliana Rudee
Although the terrorist took the life of an innocent person, he simultaneously watered our many sprouting buds, going back to the United States with a true sense of life in Israel and love for their new country.

Zionist ‘Nachas’

By Michael Freund
As we approach the 70th anniversary of the founding of the modern State of Israel, it is worth enunciating and embracing a new kind of “nachas,” one that was reborn on this soil along with the sovereign Jewish state. It is what I refer to as Zionist “nachas,” and it goes to the very core of what this nation is all about.

Twin Perils for Israel: Iranian Nuclear Weapons and ‘Palestine’

By Louis Rene Beres
Going forward in their relevant strategizing, Israel’s military planners must assign intellect and learn a distinctly preeminent pride of place. Without granting such an assignment, assorted vital intersections between seemingly disparate threats –  in this case, between Palestinian statehood and Iranian nuclear weapons – will fall short of their much-needed evaluations and prognoses. Were this to happen, the cumulative consequences for Israel’s national security could quickly lead to previously unimagined tribulations.

New Israel Fund: Stand with Israel,
not Hamas!

By Ronn Torossian
Terrorist organizations and their supporters plan to march to the borders of Israel with 100,000 people who intend to storm the borders of Israel as they proclaim that the Jewish state should cease to exist. Against this backdrop, organizations funded by the radical New Israel Fund are shamefully assisting the organizers of this march and sympathizing with them. Incomprehensible.

Trump’s Urgent Lebanon Problem

By Caroline Glick
A year into the Trump administration, there is bipartisan support for Trump and his advisers to end Obama’s policy of supporting Iran and its proxies in Syria and Lebanon and stand with Israel. It is well past time — and indeed, it is urgent — that the administration heed the message.
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The Key To Middle East Peace Is An
Arab-Israeli Peace Process

By Shoshana Bryen
Kudos to Messrs. Trump, Greenblatt, and Kushner for tossing out the Oslo parameters and — whether by design or just by following the logic — changing the conversation from limited and literally deadly Palestinian incitement and foot-stomping demands to a broad-based Arab State role in the process. By doing so, they have taken a step toward solving a problem they may not even have been planning to tackle.

Netanyahu’s New Mandate to Lead

By Caroline Glick
If Israelis were astounded by the royal treatment Netanyahu received during his visit to India last year, his visit to Washington made clear that what happened in India was no fluke. He is quite clearly one of the most well-regarded statesmen in the world.
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