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The wing of the ostrich beats joyously; Are her pinions and plumagelike the stork’s?
Job 39:13 (The Israel Bible™)

כְּנַף־רְנָנִים נֶעֱלָסָה אִם־אֶבְרָה חֲסִידָה וְנֹצָה
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k’-naf r’-na-NEEM ne-e-LA-sah im ev-RAH kha-see-DAH v’-no-TZAH

Preserving the Natural Order of the Land

The Land of Israel used to be home to wild ostriches, until they became extinct in the region due to hunting. In 2006, four ancient ostrich eggs believed to be at least 5,000 years old were uncovered in the Sharon region just north of Tel Aviv. Because ostriches are native to the Land of Israel, they are mentioned several times throughout the Torah (Bible). While ostriches no longer exist in the wild in Israel, they can be found in nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries throughout the country in an effort to preserve the natural order and character of the Land of Israel.
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