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National Religious Broadcasters Resolve To Pray For Jerusalem And Israel


Car-Ramming Attack in Acre Injures 4, including 2 Soldiers

“Save me from my enemies, O my God; secure me against my assailants.” (Psalms 59:2)

Megillah Reading at the Evangelical Christian NRB Proclaim 18 Conference?

“Our mouths shall be filled with laughter, our tongues, with songs of joy. Then shall they say among the nations, “Hashem has done great things for them!”” (Psalms 126:2)

European Powers Meet With Iran Over Regime’s Aggression in Region

“Who will take my part against evil men? Who will stand up for me against wrongdoers?”
(Psalms 94:16)


‘Poles Persecuted Jews as Vigorously as Germans,’ Says State Dept. Report

“Remember, Hashem, against the Edomites the day of Yerushalayim’s fall; how they cried, “Strip her, strip her to her very foundations!”” (Psalms 137:7)

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Netanyahu Prepares to Thank ‘Personal Friend’ Trump

Addressing media outlets before taking off for another trip to the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he is looking forward to thanking his “personal friend,” US President Donald Trump for moving the US embassy to Jerusalem in time for Israel’s 70th anniversary.


Be’er Sheva (Beersheba) is one of the first cities in the Land of Israel mentioned in the Torah (Bible). The name Be’er Sheva (באר שבע), is made up of two Hebrew words…

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