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Billy Graham and the Topsy-Turvy Holiday of Purim

By Tuly Weisz
Graham’s role as an influential adviser who made an enormous impact on Israel is reminiscent of the story we read on Purim.

The Purim Story Actually Explains the Solution for Social Division and

By Dr. Michael Laitman
A major aspect that needs to be understood about the meaning of Purim in order for us to understand its modern relevance is in relation to Haman: Who or what is Haman in our present times? That is, who or what is behind society’s increasing estrangement and polarization?

Analyzing the Latest Round of Big Military Moves in the Middle East

By Shoshana Bryen
The question remains for all concerned: Will Iran be permitted to build the platform in Syria for Israel’s destruction? If not, who — in what combination — will stop them?

Israel and the Abyss: Chaos as Source of National Security

By Louis Rene Beres
Although plainly counter-intuitive, Middle Eastern chaos could sometime prove an opportunity for Israel, rather than a liability. This is the case if Jerusalem were to understand regional “abyss” as an unlikely source of improved and more creative strategic thinking.
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Anti-Semitism in Poland in Part of a Larger European Problem

By Caroline Glick
Poland’s anti-Semitism is a problem. But even with its extensive bigotry against Jews, Poland isn’t the worst country in Europe from a Jewish or an Israeli perspective, which just goes to show how hostile Europe is to Israel and to Jews.

Iceland’s Declaration of War on Judaism

By Michael Freund
Indeed, the very idea of a European country, which ostensibly identifies with the Judeo-Christian heritage of the West, aiming to outlaw a foundational Jewish religious rite that has been performed for millennia is both hair-raising and heartbreaking and cannot be allowed to stand.
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