Look what Kat Kerr Prophesied about Donald Trump – Prophetic TV

Look what Kat KerrProphesied about
Donald Trump
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From the desk of Steve Shultz:

You are all in for a great treat.

I won’t lie. I LOVE Kat Kerr and her ministry. I’ve discovered over the last 4 years, that when I need a bit of encouragement from the Lord and I’m not quite able to press through, I have only to read or listen to Kat and my whole countenance rises in sweet encouragement.

Kat loves the Body of Christ and she loves America- these things are reflected clearly when she speaks.

I am meeting more and more people who get to be caught up to visit Heaven and visit with the Lord. I thank God for every person He allows to do that. Kat may be one of the most clearly-spoken voices who is sharing what God is telling her.

I like it when anyone gets to visit Heaven but find myself frustrated when they won’t share what God is saying. Kat shares! So please grab a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy this revelation by Kat about what God is saying to the Body of Christ right now.

Then enjoy another DECODERS segment, hosted by Sunil Isaac, where the prophets speak about North and South Korea.

You’ve got to watch this… RIGHT NOW!

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Steve and Derene Shultz

Steve and Derene Shultz

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