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The Mystery of the Lost Jubilee: Part 30 – Solved!

By Bob O’Dell & Gidon Ariel
Today we reveal what we think God has in mind regarding the Jubilee! But first, we will briefly summarize the mystery of the lost Jubilee one final time.

The US-Israel Honeymoon May Not Last

By Daniel Pipes
After a decent interval, Abbas inexorably will mumble apologies, lavish praise on Trump, fire up the Palestinians’ horde of proxies, ‘talk peace’ with Israel, and worm his way into the administration’s good graces. When that happens, the current U.S.-Israel honeymoon will likely crash and burn, replaced by the usual bickering, where Washington wants Israelis to ‘take chances for peace’ and ‘make painful concessions,’ and they resist those pressures.

Estimating Risks of an Israel-Iran
Nuclear War

By Louis Rene Beres
Providing for Israeli national security vis-à-vis a still-nuclearizing Iran ought never become a seat-of-the-pants ‘game’ – that is, the sort of stance seemingly assumed by US President Donald Trump opposite North Korea. Without any suitably long-term, systematic and deeply-thoughtful plan in place for avoiding a future nuclear war with Iran, a nuclear conflict that is deliberate, unintentional or accidental could sometime ensue.

No ‘Russian Option’ for Israel in Syria

By Jonathan Spyer
The Israeli hope of Russian pressure to keep Iran from the border must be in vain.  Which in turn leaves a number of possibilities.

The Reasons Why America Needs to Stop Supporting UNRWA

By Sarah N. Stern
Given the deeply entrenched institutional biases of the United Nations against Israel, we can expect that UNRWA will soon find other donors. But that doesn’t mean that the United States, which had by far been the largest donor nation, has to continuously foot the bill. The American taxpayer has other priorities than continuing to fund this corrupt and hypocritical agency.
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Alsheich – Israel’s Grand Inquisitor

By Caroline Glick
On Wednesday night, we saw once again that our fiercest journalists are actually the lapdogs of our unelected legal fraternity, whose members share their hatred for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and their general attachment to the ideological Left.

Remembering Who Our Friends Are

By Sarah N. Stern
I would like to believe that America is the moral compass of the world. That America is, in the words of John Winthrop ‘That shining city on the Hill.’ But it begins by remembering who our friends are.
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