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“The View” co-host, Joy Behar, mocks Vice President Pence for believing that God still speaks to people. 

The Theology of Joy Behar

View Co-Host mocks faith of Vice President

Steve Martin, Shalom from Tel Aviv!

This week, world renown theologian and general spewer of nonsense, Joy Behar, said that people who expect God to speak to them are mentally ill. You know, nutso—hearing voices. Well, here is how she put it.

“It is one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you…that’s called mental illness if I’m not correct. Hearing voices.”

The Theology

Before we talk about how demeaning this is to the Vice President, let’s just examine her words theologically.
  1. Behar has no problem with your religion. “It’s one thing to speak to Jesus.”
  2. Her problem is when you actually believe that your God is real. It is mental illness if you think that Jesus is talking back to you.
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