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Site Proves Biblical Perspective Enhances Stories’ Newsworthiness

By Tuly Weisz
For millions of Bible believers, it is the Israel-based news outlets that truly provide an even more important local and eyewitness account of the events shaping our world.

The Mystery of the Lost Jubilee:
Part 29 – When is For You

By Bob O’Dell & Gidon Ariel
We are at the point in the story where a lead character just proclaimed out loud: “That’s it! I know what happened and why!” But, instead of giving the answer right then and there, he says to his friends, “Come with me!” and walks out of the scene.

What the Book of Zohar Says About the Polish Holocaust Law

By Dr. Michael Laitman
The Book of Zohar is a seminal ancient Jewish text that offers an extraordinary explanation: ‘Israel is the heart of the whole world, just as the organs of the body could not exist in the world even for a moment without the heart, so all the nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.

Time for Greenblatt to Walk Away

By Caroline Glick
Unless Trump intends to humiliate himself and America and sell Israel down the river like his predecessors did, the peace process will not be resuscitated.

Palestinians: Arbitrary Arrests, Administrative Detentions and World Silence

By Khaled Abu Toameh
The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession (Musawa), says it has received many complaints from Palestinians about the unlawful detentions by the Palestinian Authority.
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Remembering Chaim Guri

By Jonathan Spyer
Chaim Guri was a wonderful man and a prodigiously talented poet and writer. We were lucky to have him among us.

No Breaks for Israel

By Shoshana Bryen
Israel is far from ‘regionally isolated.’ In fact, Iran’s greatest concern at the moment is the burgeoning rapprochement between Israel and the Sunni Gulf States — especially Saudi Arabia.
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