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IDF Joins With Jerusalem Authorities to Combat Terrorism


Terror Victim In Ariel Stabbing Attack Laid to Rest in Samaria

“The name of the righteous is invoked in blessing, But the fame of the wicked rots.” (Proverbs 10:7)

Can you guess the most popular girl’s name in Israel?

Tamar! The regal name Tamar means ‘date’, referring to the palm or date fruit, and is one of Israel’s seven blessed fruits. In the Bible, Tamar was Judah’s daughter-in-law, who was left a childless widow twice. Tamar took action and ensured the continuation of the Tribe of Judah, and ultimately, the Kingdom of David.

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Polish Government Cancels Visit by Israeli Minister Over Holocaust Remarks

“Send forth Your light and Your truth; they will lead me; they will bring me to Your holy mountain, to Your dwelling-place.” (Psalms 43:3)

IDF Kills Head of Jenin Terror Cell, Ringleader in Murder of Rabbi From Samaria

“To be My vengeance and recompense, At the time that their foot falters. Yea, their day of disaster is near, And destiny rushes upon them.”
(Deuteronomy 32:35)


Algerian Holocaust Survivors to Receive Modest German Reparation

“I note how they fare and will heal them: I will guide them and mete out solace to them, And to the mourners among them.” (Isaiah 57:18)

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Netanyahu: ‘We Will Do Whatever Is Necessary To Defend Ourselves’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed in his Cabinet meeting on Sunday that Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend itself against terrorism and other regional threats. English subtitles are available to be used in the video.


The knowledge of the One true God and His insistence on justice and righteousness is key to building a just society, as this keeps people from oppressing others and encourages them to make the world a better place…

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