Maoz Israel Report – Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram February 2018

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0218 - A New Spirit   ISRAEL’S MOST
   By Shira Sorko-Ram
              For the first time in the history of modern Israel, a
       faith-based film on Yeshua the Messiah has been
       produced and premiered in theaters across Israel.
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0218 - Guatemala - pastors   WHY GUATEMALA SAID

   By Shira Sorko-Ram

            Guatemala is a little paradise where the weather is
       always pleasant and the larger cities lie in charming
       mountain ranges.  If that were not enough, this
       petite nation offers delightful beaches on both the
       Caribbean side and the Pacific Ocean.
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0218 - Bakker - Family    ISTANDWITHISRAEL.COM

             “We are Caren and Klaas, and are blessed with one
       daughter and two sons. As longtime believers in
       Messiah Yeshua, we feel called to living in the
       Promised Land; Caren made aliya with her parents
       over twenty years ago and Klaas more than eleven
       years ago. We met while Klaas was visiting Israel
       through Athletes in Action from the Netherlands.
              “When our eldest, Netaley, was ten months old, a
       huge brain tumor was discovered…  
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0218 - Tony - Su - Williams   A TESTIMONY OF THE

             My wife and I have led Living Waters church since
       2009.  We have always supported Israel as a couple, so
       one of our goals has been to lead our congregation
       into a greater understanding and appreciation for our
       Jewish roots as believers.
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0218 - Narrated - Bible - Infographic   A WONDERFUL ANSWER

              The Dead Sea Scrolls have proven categorically
       that the Biblical Scrolls of the Tanach (Hebrew
       Scriptures) of Yeshua’s day are the same as the
       Hebrew Bible in existence today.
              The problem is that this ancient Hebrew is not
       understandable to today’s modern Hebrew reader
       (excluding a few scholars and teachers). To give you
       just a hint of the difficulty an Israeli has in reading
       the Hebrew Bible, here are a few lines of Chaucer’s
       Canterbury Tales written about 600 years ago in what
       is described as “Middle English”:
            Ye seken lond and see for your wynnynges,
            As wise folk ye knowen all th’estaat
            Of regnes; ye been fadres of tydynges
            And tales, bothe of pees and of debaat.
            (The Man of Law’s Tale)   Continue reading… 

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