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Even as I pour water on thirsty soil, And rain upon dry ground,
So will I 
pour My spirit on your offspring, My blessing upon
your posterity

Isaiah 44:3 (The Israel Bible™)

כִּי אֶצָּק־מַיִם עַל־צָמֵא וְנֹזְלִים עַל־יַבָּשָׁה אֶצֹּק רוּחִי עַל־זַרְעֶךָ וּבִרְכָתִי עַל־צֶאֱצָאֶיךָ
Hear the verse in Hebrew

KEE e-tzak MA-yim al tza-MAY v’-no-z’-LEEM al ya-ba-SHAH e-TZOK ru-KHEE al zar-E-kha u-vir-kha-TEE al tze-e-tza-E-kha

Water and Knowledge

The Prophet Yeshayahu (Isaiah) used water as a metaphor for knowledge of the Torah(Bible). Jewish tradition explains that just as water leaves a high place and flows downwards, to does Torah knowledge flow away from those who are arrogant and toward those who have humbled themselves. This majestic waterfall in Park Gan Hashlosha illustrates Torah knowledge flowing into the minds and hearts of the humble who are eager to receive the words of Hashem (God).
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