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Dr. Erez Soref, President of ONE FOR ISRAEL 

Life is unpredictable, but the One we serve is faithful and true, an ever present help in times of trouble. Yeshua is all-powerful and stronger than death itself. 

Yonatan, whose story you can watch below, discovered this for himself in a very profound way. I have known Yonatan since his childhood, and he came to study with us as part of the “Firstfruits” program at Israel College of the Bible. He is now continuing to study at Moody Bible Institute in the US, being further trained to lead and serve in the Kingdom of God. 

We received another message lately, from someone who had come to faith about six months ago. She just wanted to get in touch and tell us about her decision. Here is what she said:
“Hi Moti, I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube and I want to say thank you! 

You’ve opened my eyes.

I’ve been a believer for over half a year now, and I had some doubts but you’ve dealt with them all! Thank you!”
When asked how it happened, she said,
“My best friend is a believer, and she told me about her faith. So I started to investigate and read…”
What is exciting to see in these latest few messages is that it all started when an Israeli friend shared the gospel with them. This is what led them to investigate for themselves, and how they ended up watching our videos and reading the New Testament. It’s so exciting to see not only are Israelis hearing and responding to the gospel, but Messianic young people here in Israel are boldly sharing their faith with their friends!
Israel College of the Bible is sending another mission team over to Germany, this year to Berlin.
As in previous trips, the testimony of a group of Jewish and Arab believers, working together as one, is a powerful witness. They will be working alongside local churches, sharing the gospel, working with children and serving refugees.
Please pray for them as they hold out the word of life!

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Yeshua gives us a sneak peek behind the curtain of death in Luke 16:19-31. He tells a story illustrating the sobering finality of our eternal destiny – to everlasting life, or everlasting shame and contempt, as Daniel says. And the name of his protagonist? Lazarus. Through the example of Lazarus, both in explanation and live demonstration, it becomes clear that the Messiah does not merely know the way out of death, but that he is the way out. Continue reading…


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