2018 Prophetic Outlook with Chuck Pierce, Hank Kunneman & Rich Vera – Sid Roth It’s Supernatural

Hank Kunneman with Sid Roth

2018 Prophetic Outlook with Chuck Pierce, 
Hank Kunneman & Rich Vera
Sid Roth It’s Supernatural

Streamed live on Jan 11, 2018

Click here to order your copy of the 2018 Prophetic Outlook: http://bit.ly/2B2nqey What is God saying for 2018? Join me today at 5 pm ET for our 2018 Prophetic Outlook LIVE! Three of America’s top prophets—Chuck Pierce, Hank Kunneman and Rich Vera— are going to impart what they have picked up in the Spirit for this coming year. Chuck has just been visited by the angel of war! You will be shocked by what the angel told him. Chuck, Hank and Rich’s 2018 Prophetic Outlook 6-CD set as well as Chuck’s CD teaching The Angel of War are available exclusively to our It’s Supernatural! viewers. They will give you insight on what this year holds for you and your loved ones as well as what’s to come for America, Israel and the world. 2018 is going to be the best year ever! Shalom and Love, Sid Israel Roth

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