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Today’s Elijah List Ministries Featured Video Messages…

How exciting is it that 2018 is here? It’s going to be amazing.

You’re going to simply LOVE today’s videos. They are hand-picked. Thank you for realizing that these are only possible because of your generous donations.

Thank you in advance from Derene and me for donating your resources to keep Prophetic.TV coming to you this month.

We love you!

Today’s Videos:

Steve and Derene Shultz

Steve and Derene Shultz, Founders

By Lance Wallnau… Watch It Now

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By Daryl Crawford-Marshall… Watch It Now

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It won’t be the same without you. PLEASE COME! — Steve and Derene Shultz, Founders, THE ELIJAH LIST

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Steve and Derene Shultz, Founders

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