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Nostradamus’ 2018 Predictions and Their Prophetic Parallels


Western Wall Prayers for Rain Answered

“He shall be like a tree planted by waters, sending forth its roots by a stream: It does not sense the coming of heat, its leaves are ever fresh; it has no care in a year of drought, it does not cease to yield fruit.” (Jeremiah 17:8)

Population Approaches 9 Million as 2018 Dawns

“I will settle a large population on you, the whole House of Yisrael; the towns shall be resettled, and the ruined sites rebuilt.” (Ezekiel 36:10)

Likud Central Committee Votes To ‘Exercise Sovereignty’ Over Judea and Samaria

“May He grant the blessing of Avraham to you and your offspring, that you may possess the land where you are sojourning, which Hashem assigned to Avraham.” (Genesis 28:4)

Jewish Official: German Jewish Life Only with Police Protection

“No more will I allow the jibes of the nations to be heard against you, no longer shall you suffer the taunting of the peoples; and never again shall you cause your nations to stumble—declares Hashem.” (Ezekiel 36:15)

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Clay Seals From First Temple Found,
Hint at Kings of Israel

A collection of dozens of sealings, mentioning the names of officials dated to the days of the Judean kingdom prior to the Babylonian destruction, was unearthed during excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David National Park in the area of the walls of Jerusalem.

I KINGS 16:24

Samaria, known in Hebrew as Shomron, is an important part of both the biblical heartland and the modern State of Israel. In the above verse, Omri purchases this land to be the capital of the kingdom of Israel…

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